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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 19, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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down on the square. >> you can see others pushing forward to try to take in every last moment as the pope heads into the basilica there to meet with people around the world. it's 150,000 to 200,000 are here. >> thank you, father robert barron, if you could strip down the last five or six days for this new pope, they could not have gone any better. >> it's historic. he chose the name francis a few days ago, and he has been ringing in the changes. today, i heard eight separate references to the protector of
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the environment, the protector of creation. brother, sun, sister, moon. he has just been ringing in the changes. >> maria, you have been observing the differents, and i know u you were watching closely, what struck you? >> i think he was so inspirational. i think by choosing the name francis, it's a very famous name, but he talks a lot about forgiveness, saying that people need to ask for more forgiveness. he talks about authenticity, and today he also spoke about what is true authentic power in service. i think these are the words and the messages that people around the world are longing for. >> and we're watching, we want to mention you're back with us on the "today show" in just a short while, and you're going to look at what women can offer.
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>> much more head coming up on the special edition of "the today show" coming up. officials say a student's planned attack on the university of central florida was averted. a rapid response by campus authorities prevented the man from carrying out his plan for a campus assault. police were tipped off by a student who called 911 saying the suspect pulled a gun on him. the man was later found dead in his dorm room. upon searching the room police found a handgun, rifle and backpack with four improvised explosive device. classes were partially cancelled monday but have resumed. two more arrests in the high-profile rape case of the 16-year-old ohio girl that played out on social media shortly after trent mace and ma'lik richmond were found guilty on sunday. a state attorney announced two girls were taken into custody for allegedly threatening to
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harm the victim on facebook and twitter. they are facing charges for aggravated menacing. hillary clinton says gay rights are human rights and is now endorsing a federal right to same sex marriage. the announcement was made in a video from the advocacy group the human rights campaign. she says the decision was based quote personally and as a matter of policy and law. the move is creating implications for a presidential 2016 run, a contrast from her 2008 campaign when she opposed marriage equality and supported civil unions. lawmakers in north dakota have passed one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the u.s. and are considering outlawing all abortions. the state legislature pass ad bill to ban abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy. there's also a proposal to ban all abortion by defining human
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life as beginning with conception. that's drawn opposition from some doctors. and now for a look at the weather. ho hopefully sunshine and not rain. >> yeah, the west is not quite as bad. in the northern plains, you're dealing with the cold, and in the west, it's a dry morning cute for just about everyone. more clouds in the last couple days. we're watching rain move in eventually. more or less rain tonight for areas like san francisco, los angeles at 54 this morning. we're cold there. intermountain west and seattle area, you still need winter clothes and a hat for the kids.
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it has broken into a couple of pieces. it's not like we're going to get drenched. it will be cloudy and hit and miss periods of showers. as i mentioned, it's not high amounts of rain. the computers are estimating high amounts. so we're dry this morning, late tonight into this evening hours is when the best chance of today. tucson, arizona, one of the best forecast in the country. >> i think 81 sounds good to anyone. >> i would take it any day, that's perfect weather. president obama says a personal message to the people
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of iran. rand paul's new plan for citizenship, and corvette takes on a whole new look.
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welcome back. here are some other stories making news this morning. president obama tapes a message for the iranian people as the country celebrates its new year. in the recording the president briefly speaks farsi. a suspect has been arrested in the murder of daniel pearl. he is believed to have facilitated his kidnapping. colorado governor is expected to sign tough gun control legislation on wednesday. among other things the measure caps limits on magazines and expand background checks on firearms. first piece of legislation in response to last summer's theater shooting.
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the government will be funded through the end of september reducing the likelihood of a shutdown. there's another vote in house today where it's expected to win approval. rand paul favors path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. and new york mayor michael bloomberg is setting his sites on cigarettes in hoping of getting them out of sight. a new plan from the mayor calls on stores to keep cigarettes hidden. turning to health news the spring allergy season is early this year. allergists are warning sufferers not to wait until you get itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing. it's harder to stop the allergic reactions once they started. instead, stay ahead of the game.
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keep pollen at bay but keeping windows closed, and wash your hair after you have been outside. >> announcer: "early today" sports is brought to you by vagisil. bring yourselves back. fears led stocks on a wild ride to finish at their worst losses in three weeks. the fallout could have been worse. global markets were spooked busy bruise planning to tax investors. "wall street journal" says fbi investigation over possible bribery of chinese officials is unfounded. officials say despite the paper's finding the federal case is open. the bribery allegations are tied to a larger phone hacking scandal that's plagued rupert murdoch which includes dow jones. lululemon toppled after news of a shortage of their yoga pants.
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a shipment of their trademark fabric made the pants overly sheer. new research finds 57% of u.s. workers have less than $25,000 saved for retirement. five years ago only 49% admitted having so little saved. >> so much for those likes. a new study by coca-cola shows it has no measurable impact on short term sales. click away while you can. "the washington post" is set to start charging for additional content this summer. >> when is a station wagon super cool? when it's a corvette. there's an aerowagon concept returning the 2014 stingray into a hatch back.
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americans by the millions are filling out their ncaa basketball brackets. and just so you can sound smart there are approximately 9.2 quintillion combinations. that's a nine followed by 18 zeros. good luck with that. that's a nine followed by 18 zeros. good luck with that.
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welcome back. now to some other stories that caught our eye this morning. we start in kentucky where lightning is being blamed for a fire that burned down a generation's old church. part of the roof caved in and a second building was damaged as firefighters battled the flames. no injuries were reported but the community came out to watch as the fire burned into the morning. the fbi says they've identified the culprit in a 23-year-old art heist but there's the matter of finding the lost paintings. officials say those responsible stole those pieces now worth $5 million. to mississippi where 60 mile-per-hour winds managed to blow a big rig trailer right off an overpass. luckily the driver wasn't injured when the truck rolled over the side of the bridge nearly bringing the cab down
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with it. finally, california whale watching trip got exciting. the 45 to 50-foot whales dipped alongside a motor boat. they dipped and rolled by a much smaller motor boat. a tour guide said it was the greatest experience in all his years on the water. turning now to sports the miami heat win their 23rd consecutive game. in boston the lebron james did the go ahead jump shot with 10.5 seconds going leading the heat to a come back win 105-103 over celtics. second longest winning streak in the nba history trailing 33. in overtime denver's andre iguadola gives them a lead. that was in the clothing seconds
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against chicago. it looks like they get a tip in, but the referees rule it goaltending. nuggets win 119-118. in the world of baseball classic the dominican republic takes the lead on a single to center scoring a run and reyes celebrated at first base. there were two more runs and beat the netherlands to advance in the finals tonight. >> and pamela smith has dropped her paternity suit against michael jordan. jordan has repeatedly denied the claim. and a scary incident for an atlanta hawks cheerleader who slipped and fell during a dance routine last night hitting the floor hard. paramedics took her to the hospital. she's doing well. just ahead israel is planning to unveil a new weapon for president obama. plus tiger woods and lindsay vonn make it official.
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details in stories making news. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back, we're watching a storm off the coast. temperatures are going to recover after a chilly start, and remaining in the northwest, we have a shower pattern. it looks as if it could clear out for a decent weekend,
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temperatures could cool off there for friday and saturday in seattle. absolutely. >> i know this will jep set you, but this could be one of the last times we talk about lindsay lohan. she appeared in court monday for the reckless driving case. she will be going to rehab for 90 days. s >> on her way to the courthouse, she was glitter bombed, and one of her guards took a pretty embarrassing spill. actor iam mcclellan will be officiating the wedding of his
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friend. a rock band shot their cd today bu it in the international space station. casey kant any is selling her story rights in an effort to pay off $800,000 in debt. and tiger woods and lindsay vonn have announced on facebook that they are dating, cheesy photos and all. this is "early today," your first stop of today on your nbc station.
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the lead story on the secret of the wonder weapon that israel will show off to obama. the president will be in israel for the first time tomorrow. "new york times" a lead story syrian rebels pick u.s. citizen to lead interim government. he's a naturalized american born syrian. king of the high wire, nik wallenda is getting ready to do it all over again. you might remember his last stunt. a walk across the niagara falls. he plans to walk over the grand canyon. this will be his greatest height yet a stunning 1500 feet and shockingly he'll do it without a safety harness. i criticized him because of the safety harness he used over the falls. just in time for easter a chinese hen is laying large
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eggs. the hen started laying larger-than-life eggs three weeks ago. this one was half a pound. inside there were not only two yolks but separate egg with a shell. >> any what came first jokes we can get out of that? >> how many omelets can you get out of that? time now for an early look at the day ahead, and this day in history. ten years ago today on march 19, 2003 president bush announced the country was going to war in iraq. operation iraqi freedom began with pre-dawn launch of cruise missiles. in washington the house will continue duct a review of potential threats from asteroids and meteors.
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attentions have rose that plates to the planet and also to satellites in orbit. and ten evening gowns worn by princess diana is going under the hammer. they are expected to fetch up to $453,000. here's a look at what's coming up later on the "today" show. a live report how a pace maker for the brain may counter the effect of alzheimer's and how wounded warriors are finding their footing on the slopes of colorado. now keep it on this cancel for continuing news, sports, and more.
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new details this morning about what may have led up to that deadly crash at a northern california raceway. >> down the block, they surrounded a white car. all jumped out of their cars, with the guns drawn. plus, the investigation continues after a south bay officer opened fire and killed a driver they say refused to pull over. and the pope installed early this morning in vatican city. we'll have a live report from st. peter's square, coming up. and right now, a live look over san francisco. you can see the bay bridge over there in the distance. still very early. traffic smooth at this time of day on tuesday, march 19th. this is "today in the bay." time to take you live to vatican city, where jay gray is, where the pope just got
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installed this morning. >> good morning, what is a beautiful and historic morning here in rome. still thousands in st. peter's square. hundreds of thousands gathered today, along with dignitaries around the world, to be part of the inaugural mass. let's take a live look inside st. peter's basilica right now. you see the pope greeting heads of state who have traveled across the globe to be a part of this day. greeting, now, as the official leader of the catholic faith. after waiting for hours, hundreds of thousands welcomed pope francis to st. peter's square. >> there's so many people here. it's very exciting. >> it's amazing. it's the universal church. it's the best representation of the universal church around the world. >> reporter: after greeting the faithful for more than 30 minutes, francis was ushered inside st. peter's basilica. and the ceremony began. ♪


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